This is a list of all classmates from the Class of '72 who entered Girard College, but did not graduate.  Some may have left due to family pressures and peer pressure. Others may have been removed due to the social unrest of the era by their families.  Some of my classmates, I must admit, I was glad to see depart.  Others, I felt were unjustly asked to leave or be expelled. 

What follows is a list of our "fallen comrades:" 

Jerry Barr

David Brenner

Lewis Brown

Robert Choate

Gary Christman

Bill Dickinson

John Dodd

John Dono

Kevin Donovan

Barry Exum

John Franck

Leonard Gallone

Donald Galvani

Mike Geiger

Robert Glider

Jeffrey Haigh

Neil Harding

Dennis Hoffman

Paul Hulse

James Keiper

Lars Keithzman

Christopher Kelleher

Joe Mack

John Marquardt

Carlo Martelli

Danny Matthews

Steve McDonald

Stephen Michener

Michael O'Connor

Michael O'Donnell

Patrick Russell

Alan Sharavsky

James Stephens

Anthony Takasay

Ralph Thompson

Robert Tonti

James Wolbach

Randy Yahner

Russell Yaksima

Rory Ziegler

While the list above includes all of our "fallen comrades," it is my classmates and others who were unjustly expelled or "asked to leave" that I dedicate this web page.   The Class of '72 had 5 seniors who departed Girard College the same year we graduated. That equates to one tenth of our remaining class of 50 entering the 12th Grade.   We all experienced Girard College together, both the good and the bad. In the late 60's and early 70's we heard the pickets and demonstrators outside the wall.   Sometimes we would leave the gates and enter a surrounding neighborhood that was very dangerous.  Back inside the hum we studied, we played, and yes, we sometimes got into trouble.   Needless to say, like almost all hummers, by the time we got to 12th grade, our class had become very close.   Our senior year we had 5 classmates"sent home".  These seniors had made it so far. These classmates will never be forgotten!   They represent all of the hummers who at one time or another have been unjustly or unfairly expelled or asked to leave.  

Update May 19, 2007:  Albert Bodick, Eric Cobelens, Tom Glusco, and Dave Peterman received thier diplomas in a ceremony at the chapel.  They will now be listed among the graduates of the Class of 1972.

Please forgive me.   Some of our "fallen comrades" names may be "missing-in-action."  If you know the name of a class of '72 classmate not listed on this page email me. 

I want to thank Murray Blumberg who contributed 41 names of "fallen comrades" for publication on this web site.   We continue to see many of our "fallen comrades" at reunions.   In fact one of our beloved "fallen comrades" actually helps plan our reunions.  


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